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House Stumps - 1.5 m X 80 LG

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House Stumps - 1.5 m X 80 LG
- Corrosion, fire and termite resistant - stumps comply with the Termite Code
- Tops and bases are pre-punched for Tek screws
- Hight strength galvanised steel
- Components are simply Tek screwed together - no welding needed
- Stump tops are telescopically height adjustable
Steel-Deck's Stump Pack consists of a stump base and top, as well as the necessary Tek screws. The base and top are pre-punched for the Tek screws to make installation quicker.

The Stump Pack is sold separately to the Stump Tube, so that the tube can be cut to required lengths on site to be used with a number of Stump Packs to make up the screwed together modular stumps.

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