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Metal Noggings 76mm x 3000mm x 0.55mm (600mm Punch)

BHL Code:


Metal Noggings - Punch
- top plate
- lintel
- common stud
- jamb stud
- jack stud
- nogging
- bottom plate
- timber or metal bracing
- sheet bracing.

Rondo have Noggings that can be installed during the steel stud framing, such as the continuous Nogging Track that can be fitted to the stud framing in one length and Double-Punched Nogging Track that suits a wider Stud arrangement such as boxed Studs, or the DUPLEX Stud® and MAXIjamb® Studs. Rondo also have two new innovative Noggings that are providing a whole new way of framing as they can be installed after the stud framing is

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