F/G Foil Face Anticon Insulation R1.3Firerated-15MX1.2MX60mm

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F/G Foil Face Anticon Insulation R1.3Firerated
- Acoustic insulation: reduce unwanted airborne noise and also provide a damping effect to reduce impact noise such as rain or hail
- Condensation control: reduce the risk of condensation under your metal roof, which can cause damage to ceilings and mould growth
- Thermal insulation: keep out the summer heat and stop the warmth leaving your home in winter
- By reducing temperature variation, Anticon assists in minimising ‘metal creeping noises’ which can occur in the building structure
- Fire performance: made from non-combustible fibres and meets the BAL requirement for metal clad roofs in bushfire areas
Bradford Anticon roofing blanket is an Australian manufactured foil faced insulation blanket, specifically designed to assist in the control of condensation, temperature and reduce rain noise under residential and commercial metal roofs. It is constructed from a Glasswool insulation blanket adhered to reinforced reflective foil facing with a 150mm edge extension along one longitudinal edge of the blanket to provide an overlap when installed. When installed adjacent to an air gap, this product can further improve the thermal performance of the roof system.

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